Dry Wines

Cabernet Sauvignon

Barrel aged in American oak, this full bodied wine presents tobacco and leather aromas followed by flavors of black pepper and raspberry with smooth tannins and a rich velvety mouth feel.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
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Captain's Select

Embodying the prestigious nautical and military heritage of Thousand Islands Winery®, this unique blend of Marquette, Vincent, Chambourcin, and Maréchal Foch grapes exhibits robust black currant and plum flavors with elegant notes of blackberry and leather.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
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Barrel fermented in American oak, this medium bodied wine exhibits aromas of butter and coconut followed by crisp flavors of apple and vanilla.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
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An offspring of Pinot Noir, this medium-bodied wine is lightly aged in French and Hungarian Oak. It offers a cherry aroma and flavors of blackberry and pepper finishing with well-rounded tannins.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
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Marquette Bourbon Barrel Aged

Nicknamed “Big Red” premium parcels of estate grown Marquette grapes were chosen by the winemaker, fermented and aged in bourbon whiskey barrels for 6 months. This seductive Maquette wine has aromas of blackberries, tobacco, and heavily roasted flavors with molasses flavors with a subtle bourbon character. The tannins are smooth and polished. This wine pairs exceptionally well with Angus beef steak.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
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Semi-Dry Wines


This enchanting Germanic wine will captivate your senses with its bouquet of rose petals and tropical fruit aroma, followed by its balanced palate of mango and apricot. This grape varietal is famous for its delicate spiciness.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
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Pinot Grigio

This wine is very smooth and has a silk-like texture that presents elegant citrus aroma with a subtle lemon flavor, followed by notes of melon at the finish.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$26.99 $14.89 $7.99 na

Saint Lawrence Red

Blended from Chambourcin, Maréchal Foch, and Vincent grapes, this semi-dry wine presents an earthy aroma, followed by rich plum and black cherry flavors, complimented by a smooth finish.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$18.29 $11.89 $6.09 $2.79

Semi-Dry Riesling

This wine has aromas of peach and apricot, compli-mented by flavors of lemon and citrus with a crisp, dry finish.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
na $15.49 $8.29 na

Semi-Sweet Wines

Alexandria Bay Rosè

A hand crafted blend of Delaware and Isabella grapes, this elegant Rosé provides refreshing aromas of strawberry and peach that are accompanied by the flavor of luscious strawberries.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$21.99 $12.19 6.49 $3.29

Blizzard White

This wine is a tribute to the 10th Mountain Division, the U.S. Army’s cold weather specialist who fought through blizzards in the Alps & Himilayan Mountains. 
Best served chilled, this aromatic sipping wine offers rich aromas and flavors of pineapple, melon, and honey.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
na 12.19 na na


A signature wine varietal of New York’s Thousand Islands wine region, this cold-hardy grape is known for its deep, garnet color and distinctive cherry aroma. This wine exhibits a pleasing palate of blackberry and cherry flavors.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$25.19 $13.99 $7.49 na


This sweet wine exhibits an attractive, aromatic, and perfumed nose. The palate has rich, fresh, tropical fruit flavors and a sweet finish with balanced acidity and a slight spritz. Pairs well with fruit and mild cheese. Best served lightly chilled.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$24.69 $13.89 $7.29 na

Wellesley Island White

This blend of Diamond, Cayuga White, and Catawba grapes is crafted into a wonderfully aromatic wine with rich aromas and flavors of pineapple, melon, and honey and it is a pleasant light sipping wine.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$18.49 $11.99 $6.19 $2.99

Sweet Wines


This sweet, full bodied, dessert style wine is bursting with tantalizing aromas of honey and apricot, which yield to seductive flavors of pear and caramel.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$17.99 $11.79 $5.99 na

La Crescent

Produced in a Germanic style, this cold-hardy grape exhibits a bouquet of melon and citrus, followed by flavors of tropical fruit and lime. Its refreshing taste and balance make it the perfect pairing for chicken and seafood entrées.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
na $13.99 $7.49 na

La Crescent Spritz

Produced with a refreshing spritz, this La Crescent wine exhibits a bouquet of kiwi fruit, lemon and lime. The palate has lively flavors of star fruit, lemon, and lime. It pairs well with tropical
fruit desserts.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
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No other wine can match the old-fashioned taste and aroma of the Niagara grape. This traditional North American variety has a distinctive aroma and flavor of fresh, plump, white grapes.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$17.99 $11.79 $5.99 na

North Country Red

Lusciously sweet and equally refreshing, this Concord blended wine is sure to captivate the senses with its intense grape taste and fresh, fruity aroma.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
18.49 $11.99 $6.19 $2.99


Cool climate, sweet style Riesling displays a fruity aroma with flavors of apricot and peach, followed by a touch of citrus. It has a well- balanced mouth feel and sweet finish.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$25.19 $13.99 $7.49 $3.79

Dessert Wines

Cocoa Island

Bursting with aromas of chocolate and cherry, this decadent wine presents flavors of classic cherry cordials.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
na $14.79 $7.89 na

Honey Harbor Mead

This enchanting Mead presents aromas of citrus and clove followed by flavors of honey and lemon.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
na $12.69 na na

Raspberry Isle

This fruity dessert style wine is packed with an intense aroma of freshly picked raspberries. It is lusciously sweet with a rich  raspberry finish.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
$26.99 $14.99 $7.99 na

Seaway Blues

This blueberry dessert wine is bounding with blueberry aroma and flavor from freshly grown New York State blueberries.

1.5L 750ml 375ml 187ml
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