Stated Grape Prices 2018

Variety / Price Per Ton

Brianna / $750
Catawba / $350
Cayuga White / $600
Chambourcin / $900
Chardonnay / $1450
Concord (HP) / $300
Delaware / $425
Diamond / $500
Foch (Marechal) / $650
Frontenac / $950
Frontenac Gris / $650
Gewurztraminer / $1700
Isabella / $500
LaCrescent / $900
Marquette  / $1000
Valvin Musca / $1000
Niagara  / $325
Riesling / $1475
Vincent / $650

Grape Crush Pricing – $200 per ton (1 Ton Yield = approximately 150 Gallons or 13.3 pounds per gallon using our pneumatic bladder press)

Grape skins and seeds (Pomace) can be used to feed livestock, it is available for free in season upon request.

Crush, DeStemm, and Press pricing varies.

Additional Variables Rice Hulls available for increasing grape extraction.

Grapes for purchase or sale:  The Thousand Islands Winery purchases and sells NY produced grapes.  Grapes are purchased by the ton or gallon of juice produced.  Gallon price reflects the cost of pressing, pectin, sugar and acid adjustments.

Press Times:  The Thousand Islands Winery normally will press grapes on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:30AM – 3 PM between 15 September and 15 October as required.  Grapes that are harvested over the weekend will be pressed on Mondays.  Grapes must be pressed within 48 hours of being picked.  They must be kept in a shaded, covered, and refrigerated area.  Winery has these capabilities.

Varietals:  All grapes should be kept separated and marked by variety.  Grape lugs or bins are best.

Spraying:  Do not spray vineyards for two weeks before harvest.

Weather:  Do not harvest grapes within 24 hours after a measurable rainfall. 

Brix Level:  Grapes should be harvested at their maximum sugar maturity level.  Refractometers are used to measure the sugar level in grapes.  Grab an average cluster and squeeze juice onto the Refractometer.  The brix level is ideally at 21 brix or above at the time of harvest.

If you have any questions please contact or telephone 315482-9306.