Thousand Islands Winery® Vineyard services

Thousand Islands Winery offers vineyard services in hopes of encouraging others to enlarge their existing vineyards or establish new ones throughout the Thousand Islands region. Having over 16 years of experience, Thousand Islands Winery will lend it’s knowledgeable team and skill set to other individuals and wineries for vineyard services.

Vineyard Posting
Vineyard plant Netting
Grape Harvester in vineyards

Installation - Maintenance - Harvesting Services

Thousand Islands Winery provides custom vineyard installation, maintenance, and harvest services within Jefferson, Saint Lawrence and Lewis Counties.  These services allow individuals, vineyard owners, and wineries the ability to outsource these specialized services at an affordable rate.

Future and current vineyard owners will be provided one or more trained and experienced vineyard personnel from Thousand Islands Winery to supervise, install, maintain, and harvest your vineyards on a routine scheduled basis.

A significant amount of time and effort required in having a quality vineyard. Experienced vineyard staff makes the tasks manageable and affordable.

List of Services

  • • Mechanized and Hand Weeding
  • • Spray Program
    (includes organic herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides)
  • • Winter and Summer Pruning and vine tying
  • • Mowing
  • • Minor Excavation
  • • Brush Hog
  • • Grape Plant Installations
  • • Trellis installation and repairs
  • • Row Labeling
  • • Frost Protection Measures
Green Grapes cluster
Purple grape cluster
Bunch of grapes chilling on the vine - kicking it in the sun

Grape Plant Selections

Due to the cold temperatures and often extreme, winter conditions, cold-hardy grape varieties are required for a successful vineyard. Thousand Islands Winery has proven success with it’s estate Marquette, Frontenac, and La Crescent grapes which were developed by the University Minnesota. These grapes can survive temperatures of up to -30˚ F.

Cold-Hardy Grapes

  • • Brianna
  • • La Crescent
  • • Marquette
  • • Frontenac Gris
  • • Frontenac
  • • Osceola Muscat

Seedless Grapes

  • • Sommerset
  • • Reliance
  • • Canadice
Labor Per Hour – Manager — $28/hr Labor Per Hour –
Vineyard Specialist — $23/hr Labor Per Hour
Vineyard Installations -$5000 – $9000/acre (depending on site and grape varieties – Free Estimates)
Post Pounder Rental – $300/ day plus labor (Post driven in approx 5 minutes)
Grape Harvester Rental – $200/hour plus transportation (Includes Harvester & Operators)

Approx. 2.5 acres an hour

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