Official Recipe Page

Thousand Islands Wines are not just for drinking anymore!

Check out our award winning recipes and wine down around the dinner table!


Raspberry Niagra Punch 

Luscious and equally refreshing! This recipe is perfect for any celebration!

Blueberries & Cream 

Our decadent blueberry wine mixed with whipped cream flavored vodka. Cheers!

Cocoa Island Mudslide

Rich Cocoa Island wine added to a traditional mudslide makes a chocolate lovers dream come true.

Green Wine Spritzers

This green drink proves that St. Patrick's Day isn't just for beer!

Oh Say Rosé

This frozen Raspberry drink complimented by our famous Rosé wine is the perfect treat for any 4th of July celebration!

Thousand Islands Lemonade

Pink lemonade with a Thousand Island twist!

Pinot Ritas

You'll love these wine margaritas made with our Pinot Grigio.

White Sangria

Our take on a summer favorite, this drink is crisp and refreshing!

Apple Cider Sangria

A traditional Fall favorite, gaurenteed to warm you up even after the sun goes down!

Wellesley Pinapple Sangria

Made with orange wedges, pineapple, and coconut rum; this luscious and invigorating beverage is sure to make you smile! If you’re just relaxing in a hammock in spring, or reading a book inside on a cool winter night, this recipe is sure to delight!

Traditional Mulled Wine

An old world German favorite, cinnamon and cloves make this version of our wine the perfect cold weather treat!


Delicious Entree's

Cabernet Sauvignon Beef Tips

Everyone knows that dry red wine turns red meat into a moist and appetizing treat! Serve with a glass of Thousand Islands Cabernet Sauvignon.

Cheesy Riesling Chicken

Served over rice, this entree is gaurenteed to make your mouth water and pairs wonderfully with our dessert style Riesling.

Chardonnay Pork Chops

Crisp, baked pork chops in a creamy Chardonnay sauce.

Saint Lawrence Red Roast

Our wine does wonders to this roast and makes it more tender and savory than you can imagine! Who needs a knife? How about using a spoon instead?!

Chardonnay Stuffing

Our buttery and delicious Chardonnay is perfect out of the bottle...and even better in stuffing!

Wellesley Island Shrimp Scampi

This is different from anything you have ever tried before! Shrimp scampi with a pineapple twist!

Captian Massey's French Onion Soup with St. Lawrence Red

This delectable and uplifting soup is ideal on a chilly winter evening and pairs wonderfully with a salad and baguette. If you have any St. Lawrence Red left…pour yourself a glass and enjoy with this delicious soup!

Chardonnay Mushroom Vegetarian Wrap

Hummus, broccoli sprouts, and chardonnay sautéed mushrooms wrapped up tight in a whole wheat tortilla wrap! Who can go wrong? This is sure to please anyone and everyone who tries it! Serve with soup or a salad, and of course a glass of Thousand Islands Chardonnay!

Semi - Dry Riesling Lettuce Blossoms

These appetizing and mouth-watering little blossoms are ideal for a light springtime meal and of course, perfect with a glass of Thousand Islands Semi-Dry Riesling!


Sauces and Dressings

Merlot BBQ Sauce

Our Merlot is the secret ingredient to top notch BBQ sauce!  

Marquette Pasta Sauce

This hearty and scrumptious pasta sauce is perfect for spaghetti, stuffed shells, and lasagna. Enjoy with a glass of Thousand Islands Marquette. J

Pinot Grigio Cocktail Sauce

Flavors of lemon and citrus in our Pinot Grigio are key players in making this a savory sauce!

Riesling Vinaigrette

This sweet vinaigrette is perfect with mixed greens and feta cheese. With lemon juice and oregano, this recipe is certain to invigorate your senses and make your salad burst with beautiful flavors!



Blueberry Crepes

These are ideal for breakfast or dessert…or both! J Cheers!

North Country Wine Chocolate

If you love chocolate and wine this recipe is for you!

Raspberry Isle Brownies

Moist, Raspberry flavored brownies are an award winning fan favorite! Winner of the New York Favorite Farmers Market recipe contest dessert category. 

Chocolate Merlot Cupcakes w/ chocolate Merlot frosting!

Who would have ever thought of making chocolate cupcake with wine?!?! Well the Thousand Islands Winery did! These little treats are sure to delight and make any chocolate lover blissful. Enjoy!

Rasberry Smores!

Whether you’re roasting marshmallows over the campfire or roasting marshmallows over the stove top, this recipe is sure to delight! Smores are already tasty but by dipping the marshmallow in Thousand Islands Raspberry Isle, it gives it a little something extra! Feel free to dip your marshmallows in Thousand Islands Cocoa Island too for additional chocolaty flavor!